Special advice for jobseekers

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Preparation for the interview:

  1. Go with one purpose: TO GET THE JOB! Go with a positive attitude
  2. Remember, when you apply for a job, your passions and capabilities must suit the position
  3. When the company phones you for an interview, ask the following information to prepare yourself for the interview:
    • Company address
    • Information about position (or use the information in the advert)
    • Will it be a panel interview?
    • In what language will the interview be
    • Will there be any tests before or after the interview
    • What will the salary be
  4. Get information about the company
  5. Learn your CV
  6. Prepare your answers on the questions attached
  7. The clothes you will wear must be relevant to the position
  8. Practice your body-language

Practical tips:

  1. Be on time: preferably 5 – 10 minutes early
  2. Put your cell phone off
  3. Give a firm handshake
  4. Look the people straight in the eyes during the interview
  5. Sit correctly: sit comfortable upright, with an open body-language
  6. Do not ask to smoke; do not ask to drink something
  7. Try to be yourself all the time
  8. Be very honest all the time
  9. Speak loud and clearly

Questions and how to answer them:

  1. Be prepared to answer questions about your previous jobs, as well as current job.
  2. On the question: What is your strong points
    • The WRONG answer is: I am friendly, loyal, hardworking, honest
    • The RIGHT answer is:  I am good in admin, I am good with figures, I am good with computers, I’m an organizer, I finish what I began, I function good under pressure, I give my everything to my work. I will work long hours, I prioritize my work, I will prove myself
  3. Answer questions short, completely and relevant to the question
  4. Don’t just answer Yes or No
  5. Be aware not to do the interview with the interviewer
  6. Wait for the interviewer to finish his question before you answer
  7. Do not bad-mouth your current and previous employer
  8. Only ask about the salary if the interviewer speaks about it
  9. Feel free to ask questions when the interviewer give you a chance

What kinds of questions can I or should I ask during a job interview?

  1. What qualifications are you looking for in the person you need?
  2. What exactly would you like me to accomplish in the position?
  3. Will I have people working under me?
  4. Who would I be working for and with whom would I be working
  5. What do you see as the biggest challenge for the person taking this job
  6. Where is the organization going?
  7. What are the tasks I would be doing in this job?
  8. How will the work be evaluated?
  9. Is it possible to study further while working?
  10. Is there possible training offered to employees
  11. How does this organization compare with other similar organizations?